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Useful FAQs for All Techer Parents

How do I send mail to my student?

1200 E California Blvd., MC #
Pasadena, CA 91125

What are housing options for my student after the first year?

Many students will stay in their house after their first year. If they don't have that option, they can also explore Unaffiliated Housing or Non-Caltech housing.

Who do I contact in the Health and Counseling Services office if I have any questions or concerns?

Please contact Jennifer Howes, the Director of Health and Counseling Services at 626.395.8331,

It's my student's birthday and I'd like to do something special. What are my options?

Caltech Dining Services has a chef who handles special meals for those with any sort of diet restrictions - allergies, cultural, health-related. And for birthdays or special occasions, you can also order a cake or meal for your student by reaching out to Jaime at 626-395-2272.

Banking Options

There are many banking options around campus. Students can also join the Caltech Credit Union, which has ATMs on campus. 

Caltech Parents on Social Media

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Staying at The Athenaeum

If you're visiting campus and are interested in staying at The Athenaeum, the Caltech Fund and Parents Program will be happy to host your stay. Call us at 626.395.6323 so we can check on availability and prices.