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Welcome Parents

The mission of the Caltech Parents Program is dedicated to helping parents become active members of the Caltech community. We encourage parents to help in our work by furthering the mission of Caltechas volunteers and donorsto support and enhance the undergraduate and graduate student experience that is uniquely Caltech.

CONNECT with the Caltech community and other Techer parents. Stay informed on all things Caltechstudent life, athletics, scientific breakthroughs and much more!

SERVE as a parent ambassador. Host Summer Send-Off events, regional gatherings and mentor pre-frosh parents.

SUPPORT your Techer and the Institute. Cheer on the Beavers at athletic events, attend competitions and help further the mission of Caltech by contributing to the Parents Fund. This unique fund creates a community of parents who are actively engaged in their students' experiences at the Institute. Gifts to the Caltech Parents Fund provide resources to areas of highest priority, such as undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, summer research, athletics, and student life.